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The photographic friendship

WE are inside a big camera shop.
Full o modern camera, lenses, flashes, accessories and box of all trademark.

The main showcase show best pieces, big news, best of bests.
The main attraction is the DIGI1, the revolutionary 1GigaPixel camera.
DIGI1 is a super accessorized camera with hd monitor, 10-2000mm zoom lens fot photographic hunting,
a big-big-big memorycard compatibility and a high rate frame per second shoot rate, better
than an AK47.
All potential buyers wants to try del new DIGI1 and look it from outside the shoop
keeping their face to the glass.

Aside the showcase, a little far, into a little hided section named "80s best buy", stay an old
Polaroid, an istant camera which got very populare many yers ago. Covered of dust.
It got fame in the childhood of every one, but today it's not the same anymore.
The Owner of the shop and the salesman talks about freeing space for the DIGI1 accessories
removing the old polaroid from the showcase.

It's closing time. In the shop the lights turn off and all get dark.
Now all the objects in the shop get alive and start talking about the working day.
All accessories ask to DIGI1 about how is to be a star, how is it strong to get it's zoom all day,
how much is it powerfull. DIGI1 reply presumptuous and kidding (having joke) the old dusty

But suddenly, while talking, some strange sounds arrivers from behind.
2 thieves enter from the backdoor, cut the powerline and illegally enter the shop.
Emergency light get up but all others get off.
All objects get frightened by the 2 thieves. The 2 thieves starts putting all expensive things
inside their bag. DIGI1 is the big price, so soon they get it inside a bag.
The DIGI1, whitout direct power supply (in the shops it's usual to use camera whitout batteries but
with adapter power supply) with little voice try to ask help.

But Polaroid hear it. and when the thief take it, it starts flashing and takeing picture
sequence of him. the thief, blind, let all the things falls on the floor and start mooving
without control. It hurt a shelf and a big lens falls down over a glass showcase.
The showcase brake up anche the mail alarm start sound (the shop now reminds a nasa base before
shuttle lunch).

Now the 2 thieves get frightened and run away from the backdoor while the shop owner and police
get in from the main door.
They find all stolen cameras on the floor and starts to put them back in the right shelf.
the shop owner is very happy to find the DIGI1 and it's accessories. In the mean time a policeman
get the old polaroid and the images he captured. He ramain astonished while the images of the face
of the thieves starts comparing on the photographic paper. the police man immediately
talks with collegues and they get out to start the thieves research.

The shop owner remain alone whit the two cameras in his hands. He looks them happy and lovely
and get them both on the showcase, continuing cleaning the shop.

Happy ending. the next day the main showcase get DIGI1 and Polaroid one aside each other.
They are the main stars ogf the showcase.
Inside the shop many people in looking around. A salesman show the DIGI1 to some professional
photographers but in the meantime, aside in the shop, the shop owner show the Polaroid to some
moms and their childs and take portraits of them, showing the magic developing process and
getting fun all togheter.



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