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The pastel chalk project

Thank you for your comments Kate! As this was made digitally I made quick change and removed the border to let you see what it looks like. The snowflakes and some other details look uneven this way (easily fixed with a little time) but it's interesting! I'm not sure about the border at all,  but isn't it a bit dark this way?

New update: I have been working on the Samojed (dog) christmas card. I started with a very pale and light idea, but it turned out to be a dark one! I surprised myself...

New update: Thanks for the comments! I will look for other fonts! Here are some new things to look at, none of them is there yet, but I'd love to hear what you think!

I have also started on some christmas cards, here is one!

Another update:  Here are some of the symbols when I've been playing with them a bit. They are far from finished, just some ideas. Love to hear what you think!

My inspiration boards at Pinterest are here:


and here:


I've been much too busy lately, but finally here's an update!

I've picked some symbols to work with, and I will make them all in the same style as the reindeer from my earlier project! thank you all for all nice comments!

I picked not overly girly symbols, as I have worked with men's clothes and accessories for a long time, and know that nice gifts/cards for men  is for some reason hard to find. It cannot be because there is no market for it? 

So, here are my symbols! Any comments are welcome

Part TWO:

I have started to look at and collect symbols  ( Again, over at my Pinterest, a favorite place)

I started with friedship. Personally I find most of these images too sentimental, but I really liked the idea of

hair braided together!  Now I'm off to find some exciting love symbols, would anything not a heart work?



In time for Christmas last year ( but in reality, much to late )  I decided to create some christmas cards! I picked reindeers as the theme, but added foxes too. It was a lot of fun, and I sold 3 cards! Amazing... So I'm thinking about expanding the line this year,  LOL

Anyway, for that project I collected some inspiration at Pinterest, on two boards    

Reindeers Here:

Thumbprint Reindeers

And Foxes here:

Arctic fox!

And the card I actully sold is this one:

It was sold over at  my Sociaty6 shop, found here:

Reindeer'n friends Art Print


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