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The other E.

Hi everyone, I am a little late to this drop case session. I hope you're still not done with your projects and will help me figure out what to do better and to look at things in a different way. I'm really excited about this projects and it's really nice to watch your progress. So, let's get started!

Here are some facts about my book:

My book of choice is The Coat of Arms by Edgar Wallace. I'm a huge fan of t(his) old crime stories, where the case is solved not because fancy crime scene investigation but knowledge about human nature, characters changing their behaviour towards each other and talk about stuff they probably shouldnt.

As I read the book in German, I take my notes mostly in German as well. In case you wonder about the huge headline in my notes: The German title of the book is "Feuer im Schloß" (Fire at the Castle). This is how the cover of my version looks like:

Taking notes:

I run over the book, taking notes about characters, relationships and places. I also wrote down some ideas for further working. When writing my thoughts down my spelling is probably horrible, but I leave it as it is because I'm afraid to loose the thought I have in that moment. Moreover the notebook is only for me and even if the spelling is wrong I mostly know what I was trying to write down ;)


I identified the most important scenes in the book and what makes the story turn. As Jessica implyed I tried to write down random things that came to my mind. After that I looked all over my writing and tried combine certain ideas. I decided on two ideas to get started with sketching.

First sketching

As I wrote before I had two ideas in mind:

1. In this book two lovable, young women are described – Mary and Anna. They are independent from another and none of them is a. I would not descibe one of them as a femme fatale, but still men beside them feel a huge sense of jealousy and loose their control over their emotions.For the women to be a very important part in the story I had the idea to visualize the dangerous beauty of these two characters. Because the book is a classic, I went with a classic idea to have roses entwine around the W. If I go on with this theme I will keep it plain with two or three colors and a very simply vector, not as detailed as it may seem.

2. Another important fact about this book is the huge number of people hiding their real identity and criminal past. A lighter, which was a present to Mary from her husband, later convicts her of lying and having an affaire. I wanted to use this lighter to enlighten the darl secrets of the characters in some way. As Mary's name is engraved into the lighter, I thought about having the W engraved instead. Another idea was to form the flame into the shape of a dubious person.

I'm still thinking about how else to visualize the idea of some people having a dark/ criminal past and using another identity. (Btw: Not all of those people are evil minded!) If you have any ideas about that, let me know!


Nov 11th

I tried a different shape combined with the lighter.


Nov 13th

I liked the the idea of the fire shaped W, but somehow I find that theme somehow boring. Because of Jessica's message earlier today I tried to focus on the E (for Edgar):

Do you think lettering can turn out to be too illustrative? Is it a bad thing if lettering is only being noticeable at the second time you look?


Nov 14th

Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas! I scribbled down some ideas focused on the mysterious people/ alternate identity theme, I was talking about before.

I think I will start to do some clean scribbles this weeking.

Having you guys comment on what I've done so far is very encouraging. Thanks again for that! I will definitely take some time this weekend to check your projects as well! :)


Nov 15th

I made a last scribble, that I really like. I think I will start to clean it up tomorrow. Because I want my final image to be recognized as something English (because of the story's location), I will check out if there is a typical English look for street lightning or something like this. Maybe I will do a clean version of the lighter theme as well.

Nov 21st

Unfortunatly I didn't manage to start with getting digital last weekend, because when I started with my clean sketch I happen to get totally lost in details XO
I started with the street lights and somehow got lost finding the right shape. My main problem is that I actually don't want to have a very detailed result but a simple one. Somehow I'm not sure where to start, since I want my clean sketch to be nearly perfect before getting digital.

Actually I want to fix a regular problem of mine: Usually I do only rough sketching (like this) and when I open Illustrator or Photoshop I'm just like "Hmpf, where to start?". Even though I have a rough idea in mind, it's not enough to be good at "designing". I think that working accurate in the final sketching is very very important and I feel like I have to practice that more. Sounds stupid, huh? ^^


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