The oracle - Illustration

First I wanna say thank you for the class! I've always had trouble with color, and the videos you posted made many thing so much clearer to me! 

So, for the project I decided to color this lineart I made. (It's a fanart from the Percy Jackson book series)


And well, the good thing about digital color is that you can play with values and such before adding color. So I first colored in greyscale to have contrast in the picture. I still have a hard time figuring if the contrast is good enough, so being able to see it while i draw is good I think. 


Then came the colors! I wanted it to have a night and slightly spooky magic kinda feel. So I used mostly blues. In the first pic I used blues and purples, the second is mostly shades of green. The third one I kinda wanted to play and see if I could make the color on the mummy pop more, I used blues and yellows cuz I like how they look together, but the colors made it look more like it was closer to morning than night. 


In the end I decided to use Purple with a green light and yellow to make the glows in the mummy pop! (Triadic!) 


I really like how it turned out with these colors! 

I guess I still gotta practice more coloring so I can get the hang out of this. But I think it's a very good start! X3 


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