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Daryl Newmark

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The only female show running team in Hollywood needs a logo

 I was just hired to do a logo (my first) and signed up for this class specifically for this logo project and to push myself outside of my comfort zone.  Here is a little bit about my project.  


'Sarnoff' and 'Small' are the last names of the women who run the company.  'Small Screens' is a reference to Television (vs. Big Screen for film).  

Client Background: They are the only female show running team in Hollywood and just signed a two year development deal with Fox 21 Studios (Homeland, Sons of Anarchy, etc). Sarnoff Small will create television shows for Fox 21.

Client Value/Mission: To create strong compelling, character driven television programming 

After a week of sketching (purging) I narrowed it down to four concepts.  Here they are:

Concept 1

Clean and simple, these identify the brand with television. 

Concept 2 

This is a gross stereotype but a fun exaggeration of their position as the only female show running team in hollywood.

Concept 3 

The letter S is the hero in the company name.  Here are a few variations of the letter 'S' alone and then as a reflection of itself -- like the owners

Concept 4

This is the goddess of premium cable TV.  She's also supernatural, like the characters they write about.   

She has four arms, representing the two owners.

So that's the four concepts.  I would really love your feedback!!  

Thank you so much.




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