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Irvin Hwang




The (not so) Daily


I walk towards the New Museum on my way to work most days and I really love the look of the building.  One of these days I'll actually go inside...



So day 3 turned into day 25, but better late than never I suppose.  I ended up making spaghetti and fake meatballs and took a picture, but it was pretty daunting to sketch.  There was so much going on with the individual noodles and I couldn't really capture the density.  I started several times, but never liked how it was going and eventually I just started avoiding it.  I decided to knock this out even if I don't really like it as a way to move on.  So here it is...I call it 'chaos and meatballs' :-)



I commute to NYC from Jersey City and the part of town where I live doesn't have many trees.  I pass this tree every day on my way to the train.  It sits by itself surrounded by concrete in a parking structure that neighbors the train station.

Day 2: Trees



I don't really have any experience drawing and haven't finished the videos, but I thought it'd be fun to participate in this workshop!  I'm going to use my phone to draw since it has a stylus and I always have it with me so I'm hoping that helps me keep up with the prompts.   Here's a quick sketch for Day 1.  I might work on it later as well...

Day 1: Self-Portrait



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