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The most challenging project ever....

Hi, Linda - what a challenge this project was!!  I thought that I would try something simple - like one building that was a landmark...but yikes... I have been working on this for hours just to come up with something mediocre.


i played around with various color palettes...not sure what looks best.


Thank you for the tutorial.  Typically, I illustrate really detailed this was an incredbile challenge.  Plus - I need to brush up on my Illustrator skills - since the shape making tools seem to do this sort of stuff pretty easily.


In any event.... take a look and when I have a chance I am going to give it another go.  Maybe start with simple shapes like birds, cups, tables...etc... and work up to cities.


my color palette needs work too...



Anyway - here goes... and thanks again!!  will post a nice review of the class.




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