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The manager

Some interesting projects here so far – looking forward to seeing the results.

The good thing about this project is I didn't have to scratch the surface too hard to find out what I needed to know. I've spent a little time over the past few years thinking about 'me' and where I'm going, so thankfully it wasn't as hard as it might have been...hopefully the visual will come together nicely now!

So initial ideas about myself:

– Always growing
– A deep thinker
– The power of the mind
– An anxious person
– The environment and sustainability
– Independent-minded
– Care about the world
– A creative individual
– A perfectionist
– Thoughful
– Striving for a peaceful mind
– Health of mind and body
– Keeping myself on a tight leash
– Understanding me
– Lacking belief
– Inner strength

The title of the project – 'The manager' is the result of some of the above points and some of the thinking over the past few years. Being an anxious person 'the manager' stepped in to take charge when I didn't have the self belief to handle the situation myself. So this manager is someone I've come to know over the past few years.

I'm thinking a visual using ties, suits, shirts, just an initial idea, any thoughts appriciated.....


After a bit more thinking a slight change in the direction of the portrait – the manager has now become the critic, as I think this is more fitting as to what I wanted to achieve. The manager sounds like a positive aspect to my personality which this definitly isn't...

So thinking about this internal / self critic I began to consider what other types of critics there are. The movie critic was one that immediatly came to mind. I thought of the movie as being my life and the movie critic being that internal critic that controlled me.

So how could I visually represent this? What is the iconography associated with the movie critic? I thought of the typewriter, notebook, but the newspaper / magazine review is really the one that stood out to me. Perhaps a really harsh review of the movie (my life) could be a visual represetation of this.

I'm thinking of constructing an old yellowed newspaper review of me! Obviously this will be a harsh review as that's what the internal critic would do. Maybe I'll cut words I would think suitable out of newspapers and mags and construct the review that way...


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