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The (magical) Burgess Family Crest

Things about the Burgess family that I thought were prevalent/cool that I considered including in my crest:

- Gardening

- Church going 

- Good at building things/handy

- Carpentry/woodworking (my dad built the house that him and my mom currently live in, and the house before that)

- Artisic (my grandpa has made counless abstract art pieces using wood/glass/metal)

- Magic (my grandpa performed at my 5th birthday party and my 2 brothers enjoy doing card tricks...ahem, I mean "illusions")

- Salesmanship (this applies strictly to my grandpa. he sold life insurance for a living and was good at it)

I came up with this:


I decided on using a tie, a rabbit in a hat, a carrot, and a chisel to represent sales/sunday-best, magic, and gardening. The maple leaf is because we are canadian in case it wasn't obvious :)

With the Union Jack colours:


On a t-shirt...


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