The magic of digital brushes [AVAILABLE FOR FREE!]

The magic of digital brushes [AVAILABLE FOR FREE!] - student project

YAY! Now this class have been published and on these next days it will be AVAILABLE FOR FREE! :D
Just check it out at
In this class I´ll show you my process of painting and how I use special brushes to give to your work a "Mixed media" look only using Photoshop brushes.
If you...

- Love that textures you see on children´s book and classic paintings but don´t work well with inks.
- Already paint digitally but are tired of the same painting style and are looking for new vibes.
- Are starting to paint digitally and want to learn an easy technique to achieve a nice look for your works.
This class is for you!

I´m used to working this technique for children´s book illustration, so i´ll foccus on this aesthetic and give you some tips to explore textures for this kind of work.

So come with me in this adventure and i will do my best to guide you in this world of Traditional painting in Photoshop!

I deeply recommend you to have a Digital pen to make this class. Even if you can use brushes with mouse, to paint at computer requires special tools for it. You´ll only reach some effects that will make the difference on your work, using it.

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Class introduction:

Camila Queiroz
Freelancer Illustrator who loves games and books