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The little office blouse that could

  1. What problem do you want to solve?

There is an easy grace to the way the rich look in their clothes, regardless of their size. It is a sheen that comes from good fabric and tailoring for their bodies. It is unfair that in the attempt to copy the beauty and grace of celebrities that everyday women, especially young women on their way up – are unable to easily achieve the same grace without spending a lot of money. And even when they do the fashions change, clothes wear out and they never look as good as they could if they were tailored.

For example, one problem is that under shirts are liable to be wrinkled, get stained, come un-tucked, be inappropriate for too hot or cold situations and distort over breasts.

2. How are you going to solve it?

I want to offer an affordable clothing system that will be easy and cheap to tailor and have classic flattering lines that will allow lower income women to buy a few pieces and build a quality base wardrobe in the style of the French – just what you need and then spend your money on embellishments. There would also be a focus on practicality – the needs of working in a office in various climates and with various body issues – the outlook and strategy of workout gear in office wear. We would not produce everything – just very well designed basics and then we will offer ideas for outfits by combining our garments with various embellishments from partners (gain something out of that?)

I would like to design the perfect office fancy tank or blouse to wear under a cardigan or jacket or with a scarf. Maybe even make it double sided? The little blouse that could

3. How is it different from what's already on the market?

Most of fashion for office work is entirely designed for looks not function, but in order to be effective in the office there are some practical concerns in addition to looks that could benefit workers of all types. By paying attention to these usability details we will be the professional woman’s friend, go to basics and favorite thing to wear. In addition thinking ahead to design pieces that are timeless and easy to tailor cheaply should help any women look good in what they are wearing.

4. Who is your demographic?

Professionally minded women from 20 to 50. Specifically those trying to work their way up and make it work on a budget.

5. How much would you pay for it?

I would like it to be eminently affordable so that it would be conceivable to get several of different colors. Between $10 and $20 – including tailoring. Preferably $10, but I would also like to be socially and environmentally responsible so that might mean compromise elsewhere.



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