The little details

The little details - student project

ever since I started the class, I have been subconsciously looking for the best moments to photograph especially light and shadows, something I never explored in my picture taking.

Trying out light and shadows that remind me of Dutch still life paintings.

The little details - image 1 - student project

This sheep smiling with its eyes, too cute.

The little details - image 2 - student project

Shadows: inspired by the scene in the film Amelie Poulain

The little details - image 3 - student project

 Trying to get chefs in action in Paul Bocuse's 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Lyon (movement not so obvious except for the moving ladle)

The little details - image 4 - student project

Love how the sun is shining on the castle that is L'institute Paul Bocuse culinary school in Lyon. The motion of the two men walking is not very obvious and I couldn't capture their moving shadows on the road.

The little details - image 5 - student project

The black and white turned out much better than in colour. This was taken on a rainy day in Paris from a taxi with a full sunroof. The red taxi light isn't obvious on the B/W and I suppose the details pop more!

The little details - image 6 - student project


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