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The life of a pretty fox

For this project I'd like to create something that's romantic, sweet and feminine but also just a little bit wild at the same time. I really like the contrast (or maybe even weirdness) that comes from mixing foxes with beauty products and mixing organic and geometric shapes.
I think I'll try to keep it very simple and will be using very few colours.

Here's my moodboard:



I think I've drawn hundreds of foxes for these past few days but I really enjoyed it! :)

Here's a photo of some of my sketches:


And some digitalized pieces:


I'm not yet sure about the colours and I think I'll still need to draw a few more motifs but at least I found this line type in Illustrator that I really like - hope it will look good in small and with colours as well!


I have to say that creating a repeat pattern is much much much harder than it looks. I thought that once I have a few nice sketches I can just quickly arrange and colour them and they would instantly look beautiful - but in fact this part was the most difficult and time consuming part for me. I wouldn't even say that I'm ready and happy with what I have at the moment, but I wanted to share what I created so far by the project deadline.

So here it is, but again I know it could be improved and I will continue working on it and will share a better version hopefully soon :)




Finally just wanted to say a huge thank you, Elizabeth for this amazing class! And thank you all my dear classmates for posting inspiring ideas and patterns! It's been truley motivating and challenging to complete this project! :)


Okay... I just can't stop playing with it! I created a new version yesterday which is probably closer to my moodboard and my original idea :)



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