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The lazy Networker

Ok i switched to another Idea I like more - 

My Girlfriend is someone who really would like to stay in touch with her old friends from university, from former workplaces or other interesting people she met once.

But as many people - she is just too lazy or forgets to write people a short message. And this happens to most of the people, even when facebook tells you that it's Peters Birthday. Even I never find the time to stay in touch with all the people i would like to and I at least try.

So i thought of an app which would access your Contacts and you can select your contacts into groups.

1. I want to let them know that i'm still alive

2. I want to stay in touch sometimes

3. I want to stay in touch regularly

4. I want to stay in touch very often

ideally an algorythm would check how often you had contact with some people on facebook / twitter / Whatsapp / imessage and would already suggest groups.

How ever, it should give you a reminder and maybe a direct solution to send a message / email to person XY. You can choose from different Beginnings, because often people don't know what they should say to people, they haven't spoke to for a year or they maybe never where close with but want to stay in touch.

So my app reminds you to text your long forgotton friend, gives you different solutions/topics to start a conversation. It could also scan your Facebook friends and give you a note, for example if a contact got married so you would have another touch point. 

I'm already thinking how i could apply a rough prototype without developing an iphone app for now.

I would need access to the contacts, maybe the calender for the reminders and a facebook API to catch data to use.

I'm happy for every idea

User Storys:

  • As a Lazy networker, I want to stay in Contact with my old friends, coworkers or business contacts without any effort.
  • As a Lazy Networker, I want to define how often I want to stay in touch with my contacts
  • As a Lazy Networker, I want to be reminded to get in touch with Peter and have easy access to start a conversation and chose how to contact him. (call, email, sms, facebook)
  • As a Lazy Networker, I want to write as little as possible by myself but still sound like myself.

Future features:

  • As a Lazy Networker, I want the app suggest me who to contact how often
  • As a Lazy Networker, I want to get a special reminder, if my contact has birthday, or gets married (based on my facebook feed)
  • As a Lazy Networker, I want the app to keep a history about, how, when and about what I got in contact with the specific person
  • As a Lazy Networker, I want to get in touch with my contatcs, on all my devices (Phone, PC, Tablet) So everything should be synched in the cloud.

Now you can stop thinking about contacting someone, because "The lazy Networker" will think about it and will help you to stay in touch with everyone you want.


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