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The late girl in class!

In total I shot Kodak GOLD, Fuji Superia 200 and 400 (the latter of which has yet to be developed unfortunately). All rolls were purchased and developed at the local CVS. I also am sad I haven't shot on any Portra yet!! All shots are on my Canon AE-1. I'll begin my rolls chronologically.

My first roll was a mystery Kodak roll included by the seller of my camera. From Matt's deduction, the best guess is Kodak GOLD from the warmer hues. 

1. Kodak GOLD // This whole roll turned out incredibly grainy and the contrast was high. I wonder if that is inherent in the film itself, my settings, or during processing? Something felt a little off when I got this roll developed and compared to my Fuji rolls (which I was surprisingly really happy with!)

2. Kodak GOLD // I think the graininess and contrast worked for me in this one. 

My second rolls were Fuji Superia 200. Took this roll out in the snowy hike to a waterfall. Two things that require special attention to film speed/settings that I'd love to know how to do better... Higher film speed to capture those little flakes like in Matt's chicken photo? Also to note, it was kind of a darker/cloudier snowy day in the shade of trees. 

3. Fuji Superia 200 // I love this one because of the perfect amount of contrast and depth of field. I'm also happy with the exposure. 

4. Fuji Superia 200 // HELP--How do I capture those elusive lil flakes?? And when there is also a you want to slow down the speed so it's a beautiful flowy all or speed it up to capture the movement?

5. Fuji Superia 200 // Pretty pleased with the exposure/depth of field of this one. However as it was lightly snowing (but you cannot tell...) same question about the snow. 

My third roll was stil the Fuji Superia 200 which I tried out in a much darker setting--inside Edison's Laboratories. I was happy to realize my light seals are in good condition (Michael also shot a roll on his grandfather's Konica inside this place and found some interesting light leaks on some of his darker shots)

6. Fuji Superia 200 // This is my favorite shot and yet how to duplicate it would be a wild guess. Any suggestions on backlit figures in order to get a great silhouette without exposing the window TOO correctly for too much detail?

7. Fuji 200 Superia // Gratuitous geekery shot!!! Love all his chemistry lab bottles!

8. Fuji Superia 200 // NOT  a favorite... Any suggestions on shooting with VERY yellow flourescents? The room in the back lit in natural daylight turned out great though... I think the look I'd rather go with is to underexpose so the front room is washed in warm light and the bulb is much less bright. 

9. Fuji Superia 200 // @devincastro and @smyjewski for you instagrammers  -- trying to do many more portraits.... This was lit in some incredible light in Edison's greenhouse. GAH, I think having some Portra in here would have been AWESOME. Damn damn damn.

10. Fuji Superia 400 // More portraits, go! On the High Line in NYC; Took this on MIchael's Konica as I had left my camera at home so it's my only shot on the Superia 400 roll that's been processed. STUPID DECISION. I love the way he's lit, I suppose it could have got a bit brighter but fear washing out that beautiful concrete background? 


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