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The knight, The Mage, and The Boy with his Pet Monster

So in case you couldn't tell, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing until I got past the first three or four thumbnails.  I'm very new to digital arts, and photoshop is still a new beast I've yet to tame.  While messy, the thumbnails slowly start getting a bit better when I finally found a brush that suited my purpose. 

Technically there are four seperate character here, all of which I'm planning to use for a story that I've been slowly working on over the past year or so.  A knight and a mage on a quest from their kingdom who by sheer luck come across a lad close to death.  With him his something of a demon that's taken the form of a cat, yet under specific circumstances, will take on the more intimidating form of a four-armed monster.

I had trouble finding references for four-armed creatures, so for one of the models I actually ended up using a statue of the Hindu god Shiva for a pose reference...thus the reason a shadowy silhouette is trying to emulate the Dance of Destruction in one of the thumbnails.

Anyways, if anyone has any advice on the thumbnails, I welcome it by all means. 


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