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The iCult



For the project, I decided to think about a tribe I belong to, as this would make it easier to think about insights, rather than focusing on one for a specific project.

I have called the tribe ‘the iCult’. The iCult is formed by all those people who are Apple product fanatics, whose loyalty to the brand is blind and always have the latest Apple gizmo whether they need it or not.

Besides of this being an exercise in Persona and tribe creation, is also an exercise in fun and exaggeration ;) I know I am a blind fanatic and often make fun of myself and my friends for this.

1 What do the people in your tribe think about first thing when they wake up in the morning?

I wonder if there are any new product releases so that I can give my disposable income to Apple. Oooh, a new device with ½ a megapixel more than my old one, I’ll have it!

2 If someone in your tribe was to tell you they often worried about something, what would that likely be?

- Constantly running out of battery on their mobile

- Not having the latest version of their mobile device

3 What would a member of your tribe aspire to?

- To be perceived as an early adopter and tech-savvy.

- To feel certain sense of status through their use of the brand.

- To never go out on a date with someone who uses crappy phones such as old Nokias or Blackberrys.


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