The hurrier I go...

The hurrier I go... - student project

"The hurrier I go, the behinder I get."

-Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Finally got my sketch finished and brought it into illustrator. Part of me feels like I cheated with all those right angles, but I also feel like the style is more fitting for Wonderland.

The hurrier I go... - image 1 - student project


So many good quotes to choose from! I had to finally just pick a short one and go with it. I suppose after this class I'll be able to do fun stuff with all the other favorites.

Next on my list:

  • It's the job that never gets started as takes longest to finish.
  • Where there's life there's hope, and need of vittles.


Some Inspiration:

The hurrier I go... - image 2 - student project

The hurrier I go... - image 3 - student project

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