The hot chilli!

Hey everyone so I did some research into the subject of my story, which is french retaurant, food, chilli, olives and so on.  I got photos of typical french restaurants, as my story took place in France, so I wanted reference of how they look, the chairs, layout of the tables and cutlery, flowers.


I also wanted reference of people who have eaten hot food, how people sit at tables when they eat out, so I know how to sketch out my storyboard and get the sketches looking well balanced.


I'm pretty happy with these references, I wanted a photo of olives as that is where the super hot chilli came from!  

Thank's for taking the time to read my project,

Theo x

Hello my names Theo I can't wait to get started, I've chosen my idea out of my 3 ideas,

  My dog Blainey jumping into a pond, but she didn't realise it was a pond because it was covered in green moss, so she thought it was just grass!

  When I jumped off a pier into the sea on holiday in Mallorca!

  When I ate a very hot chilli, thinking it was just a piece of pepper, then drinking a whole jug of water when we were eating out!

I chose the chilli lunch idea because I really think it's funny, it's a story I want to tell visually, it's also relatable, how many people have eaten hot food and gone "WOW!" then drank loads of water!

  Looking forward to getting into research and starting to build my story visually.  I'm learning how to story so I can create better motion graphic videos with better story ideas.  I'm a graphic and video designer.


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