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The heights of change

In the beginning was Tiago Forte, and Tiago Forte was with skillshare.

I am so glad to join you all in this online workshop, feel free to leave rousing comments below. My goal for our first habit formtion endeavor is to do a guided 15-20min meditation morning and night, along with a nightly 10 min visualization/ runthrough of the coming day before I go to bed.

Habit Personality: Strong Upholder/Rebel, just the right amount of paradox! 

Why did I sign up for this class:  1) To accept initiation into the cult phenomena of "Life Hacking." 

                                                    2) To use my powers for the continued benefit of myself and others

                                                    3) To join the ranks of top performer/zen master.

Most consistent good habit: Getting plenty of rest


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