The hardest part is getting started... for real.

The hardest part is getting started... for real. - student project

I finished college 6 months ago but the weight still won't budge. I've cut down to eatting out on the weekends and taking in my own lunch with little effect ( -8.2 lbs)

I'm changing my focus to what and how much I eat. 

1. No more TV dinners
2. Something ( at least an oatmeal and tea ) for breakfast EVERY DAY.
3. One fresh veggie or fruit to each lunch and dinner.
4. Measure rice and pasta before I eat it and make sure its just one serving, NO MORE.

For the working out bit, anything is better than nothing. So here are my little goals first and long term ones last.

1. Get in the gym Saturday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
2. Complete 1 Quest from Fitocracy or an item from a Quest after each workout.
3. Complete LVTC Trot Up for Spirit 5K on the 26th.
4. Improve time from 5K.