The goldfish in the sea | Skillshare Projects

The goldfish in the sea

The one picture is just a rough sketch.  I think I will do some more of these.

The other picture is me starting to use Illustrator for storytelling.  I chose print, so the colors are really distorted when I put the pictures into the webpage here.  They are actual more muted with a blue background and a green sea. Added a little transparency to a shape that I might make into the fish bowl.

The story I came up with is a fish in a bowl is floating along in the sea, and a dolphin comes along.  The dolphin tells the fish that he used to be a goldfish too, until his bowl was turned over into the sea.  The dolphin shows the fish how he became a dolphin. Parts of the story I'm still fleshing out: How do the bowls get into the sea?  What is it that turns the goldfish into the dolphin, physically? 

I still need to try the step were I search my outside environment for ideas.  It's been pretty cold here lately.


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