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The girl with the new dragon

Yesterday I watched the lessons of Yuko Shimizu.

I have some experience with watercouler brushes, so I decided I had to learn something new: the Japanese brush!

I'm not so good at drawing people, but because I wanted to learn new skills I decided to draw a person. So I made a reference photo of myself. To add more textures in rhe drawing I wanted to draw a lizard. I especially like the complexity of the scales. I found a good reference photo.

Sketched... and then I could begin, but... I was very nervous, inkted before, but heeey never for Yuko Shimizu's birthday!

I started and within a few minutes the nerves disappear, and I really liked trying the japanese brush. I could do thin lines and the filling work with the same brush. The tip of the brush is so fine, I didn't need the nibs.

So this is my first drawing with Japanese brush, for you Yuko Shimizu, happy birthday!!! And domo arigato gozaimasu for the course!

a close-up photo of the lizard:


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