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The girl in the green dress

The girl in the green dress. 

For me, this project really challenged to do something different, and although I haven't finished yet I want to share my story so far.

Before I start I must mention that I am fairly new to the whole photoshop/lightroom business, and my photos are not as sharp as I would like, so please excuse that- I see what I need to work on, though I would love feedback aswell.

For years I have struggled with confidence and self esteem issues; I am never comfortable in front of a camera any shape or form. So while walking through a the redwoods searching for inspiration for this project, I realised that the subject I knew the most about was me, so I took a bold leap and decided to give it a go. Facing my issues without really facing it at all- if you know what I mean.

Using the self timer and a spiffingly placed punga tree, and driftwood log this was the result:




I am hoping to carry on this series whenever I go somewhere different- I enjoy the creativity involved, and the manic sprinting to get in place once the timer goes off. It is really all fun and games. 


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