The first day of the rest of my life!

There once was a boy who grew up to be a man.  As he matured he saw many things in the world that he thought should be changed to make the world a better place.  He became a teacher, but he realized the best way to make change is to lead by example and be the change.  For his students, for his community, for his family, for himself.

Out with the bad habits, in with the good.


1.  OUT with sweet sodas, mochas, chocolate milk; IN with water, seltzer, diet sodas, drip coffee.

2.  OUT with tortilla chips, olive bread, pastries; IN with 9 daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

3.  OUT with haphazard food choices; IN with planning and taking control of my eating.

4.  OUT with inconsistent exercise; IN with a minimum of 150 minutes of weekly HR elevation.

PROGRESS 1/25/13-

#1 - so far, so good. I don't buy the bad stuff.  It requires mindfulness to break old habits, especially when eating out.

#2 - I have to work to get 9 servings each day, but when I make it  I am not hungry.

#3 - O have to plan ahead or I will find myself starving in a place where there are no good food options.

#4 - Logging on Fitocracy helps.  I have to strategize to exercise before I am too wiped out from the pressures of the day.


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