The fantastic Mr Anderson

The fantastic Mr Anderson - student project

The fantastic Mr Anderson - image 1 - student project

Finally finished drawing up my  A to you can tell from the title, my project is inspired by the amazing films ( most but not all) of American film maker Wes Anderson. I am using Tom's fab class to combine a number of unfinish 'bits and bobs' into one big, juicy project. For a while now I have been working on people/portraits....and I fell that I have developed a method of working ( combining traditional drawing with digital colouring) that I like but I would love to develop this technique create illustrations and scenes which have more 'composition' to them....not just floating heads! I also would like to work on my hand-lettering, so I am including text/quotes with some of my images. I have choosen my set of four ( in bold ) to work on these areas -portraiture/character design, hand-lettering, composition and scene. I know that I won't have these finished in 26 days! I am a very slow worker but I have set myself a 'do-able' time table.

GBH - Grand Budapest Hotel

MK - Moonrise Kingdom

FMF - Fantastic Mr Fox

RT - The Royal Tenenbaums

IOD - Isle of Dogs

DL - The Darjeeling Limited

AL - The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou;


A: Agatha ( GBH)

B: Books ( MK)

C: Cus words ( FMF)

D: Madam D (GBH) - portraiture/ character design

E: Earrings (MK) - hand-lettering

F: Finger (RT)

G: Gateau (GBH)

H: Helicopter ride (LA)

I: Island (IOD)

J: Journey ( MK)

K: Kyle (FMF)

L: Labratory (LA)

M: Moody Margot ( RT) - scene

N: Narrator (MK)

O: Oceanography (LA) - composition

P: Passengers (DL)

Q: Quest (IOD)

R: Richie (RT)

S: Snake in a box (DL)

T: Train ( steward) (DL)

U: Uniform (MK)

V: Vixen (FMF)

W: Wes...of course!

Y: Young love! (MK)

Z: Zissou (Steve) (LA)


Wish me luck..... 

The fantastic Mr Anderson - image 2 - student project

U for Uniform.

Sam from Moonrise Kingdom...the Runaway Cub;




Case study one: David FullartonThe fantastic Mr Anderson - image 3 - student project


Case study two: Dominique Goblet

The fantastic Mr Anderson - image 4 - student project

Case Study three: Victoria Semykina

The fantastic Mr Anderson - image 5 - student project


Exercise Two : Self Inventory.

The fantastic Mr Anderson - image 6 - student project