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The eye wall + Sea monsters and lost souls

Hi everyone! I have just started to follow this course, Hype has a lot of potential! I am trying to mix what Joshua-legend-Davis is explaing with some of my custom artworks, though there's still a lot of work to do to refine the final output.

I am sharing my progresses with you hoping to get some useful feedback and critics, and to inspire and get inspired by the community. (p.s. English is not my first language, sorry about typos/errors :-) )


Oct 12 - Playing with HLayout and HShape







Sea monsters and lost souls: generative illustration

This time it all started with a very simple scribble scanned and vectorised. Before working with Hype, I tried to make the shape more interesting and complicated, resulting in the following SVG…
I started experimenting with HcolorPool and HShape in a "for" loop, trying to find the right balance between the number of shapes used, their size and color. At some point, I come up with this…

Nothing special, but I found it interesting in some way, and I started to play with it in Illustrator. First of all, I removed the clipping mask, and I changed the stroke style and color to make it more "natural", at least to me. Then I cleaned up the canvas of all the "useless" vectors hidden under several layers of other vectors (I should have probably used much less shapes, next timeI'll remember it!), and then I tried to create even more complex shapes from the resulting composition….some hours of tweaks, other tests, re-coloring, and in the end I come up with this:

You can see more detailed pictures on behance!

Thank you!


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