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' The elephant in the room ' HUGE

'The elephant in the room


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HUGE was founded with the concept of encouragement to live life to the fullest in mind. Focused on the idea of creating something different, we decided to base everything around our motto to "live large". We feel as individuals, our lives are defined by our state of mind, lifestyle and who we strive to become. Think, live and be large is what we promote. We are inspired by our own choices to live this way and we hope to motivate others who may someday pay it forward.

HUGE is offering a sense of greatness with every piece of garment worn. We vow to deliver exceptional high quality, premium goods with an unmatched attention to detail, season after season, collection after collection. This is our pledge to you. Live Large. -HUGE

  • +    The way we define the word HUGE-

/ the ACRONYM we have given it:





Encouragement to reach for the top and become as big as you dream.  

HUGE = "Higher Up Grand Elevation".


HUGE shall serve as a constant reminder and inspiration for you to "live large".  This is the motto we live by all day, EVERYDAY.  The Elephant in the room is HUGE and we make an impact, we don't go unnoticed, we live life to the fullest by any means necessary. This is what we do, its all we know, its who we are, its what we encourage others to strive for and eventually become.  Walkin' softly or Stompin' hard we are HUGE, we live large and you should too!


  • +    Target Customer:


The Target: Ideal consumer is the 16-30 years old with an interest in either Hip-Hop, Skating, Streetwear or all of the above.  They will be both an online and boutique shopper. They're socially active and keep up with the latest trends but don't necessarily follow them because they like to set their own as well.


The secondary customer is the over 30's who appreciates well crafted high qualtity premium products and subtle garments. They pay close attention to the detail in the stitch.  Although the over 30's customer wants to look their age they also want to be as trendy as any other age group.  They may have grown up on Hip-Hop or were at some point in their life influenced by it.


  • +   TG- Founder / Creative Director TG

I am "TG" (Tito Garcia), I was Born and raised in the South Bronx section of New York City.  My interest for Design began in around the 3rd -4th grade creating sketches of original Nike Air Jordans in particularly the Jordan 3's up to about the 6's . This was before they became what they are today.  I had an appreciation for their design and they seemed to be ahead of the curve, innovative for that time. As I got older it shifted over to not just footwear but fashion as well.  Below are some of Tinker Hatfields original sketches of the 3's..Wish I still had mine.


The idea for the brand was to make something that represented an optimistic state of mind and encouragement for others to feel like a big deal while looking great at the same time.

It was all created after I signed up for this class & competition.  After viewing the video about the contest I decided to share my interest in starting a fashion company and to share my skill basically.  I began thinking of a name, concept, meaning and purpose for the brand's existence.  Just two days after signing up, I started researching and brainstorming.  I narrowed my list down to the Huge"  I added the "supply" because I wanted the brand to supply the encouragement to "live large" its a play on words in so many different ways, some that I still haven't revealed. The name was just what I was looking for and it seemed to embody everything I wanted the brand to represent.  

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Developed June/2013





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 Developed June/2013







  • +    Our Mascot

Some interesting Facts and information about our Mascot below:


The Elephant-

  • The African Elephant is the Largest Land Mammal on Earth.
  • They have excellent memory
  • They can paint / create Art

  Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on Earth. Their brains weigh 5kg, much more than the brain of any other land animal. Their brains have more complex folds than all animals except whales, which is thought to be a major factor in their intellect. They commonly show grief, humor, compassion, cooperation, self-awareness, tool-use, playfulness, and excellent learning abilities. An elephant in Korea surprised its zoo keepers by independently learning to mimic the commands they gave it by verbalizing on the end of its trunk, successfully learning 8 words and their context. Elephants have a more developed hippocampus, a brain region responsible for emotion and spatial awareness, than any other animal, and studies indicate that they are superior to humans in keeping track of multiple objects in 3D space. There are many reports of elephants showing altruism towards other species, such as rescuing trapped dogs at considerable cost to themselves. As mentioned above, they respect their dead and have death rituals. There are stories of the herds of elephants killed by humans retrieving the poached bones and returning them to the place of death to bury them.

Height: 5-14 ft at shoulders (males); females of all subspecies are smaller than males.
Length: Up to 30 ft trunk to tail.
Weight: 6,000-15,000 lbs (males).
Lifespan Up to 70 years.


  • +    THE WORD (Dictionary Definition):

[hyooj or, often, yooj] 

adjective, hug·er, hug·est.

1. extraordinarily large, enormous or of grand status, quantity, or extent: a huge ship; a huge portion of ice cream.

2. of unbounded extent, scope, or character; limitless: the huge genius of Mozart.

1225–75; Middle English huge, hoge  < Old French ahuge, ahoge  enormous, equivalent to a- a-5  + hoge  height < Germanic;  compare Old Norse haugr  hill (highness)

Related forms

huge·ly, adverb

huge·ness, noun

o·ver·huge, adjective

o·ver·huge·ly, adverb

o·ver·huge·ness, noun

1. mammoth, gigantic, colossal; vast; stupendous; bulky. Huge, enormous, immense, tremendous imply great magnitude. Huge implies massiveness or bulkiness: a huge mass of rock; a huge collection of antiques. Enormous literally out of the norm, applies to what exceeds in extent, magnitude, or degree, a norm or standard: an enormous iceberg. Tremendous in informal use, applies to anything so huge as to be astonishing or to inspire awe: a tremendous amount of equipment. Immense literally not measurable, is particularly applicable to what is exceedingly great, without reference to a standard: immense buildings.  All are used figuratively: a huge success; enormous curiosity; tremendous effort; immense joy.

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