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The ebay-ing of healthcare

Hi Elliot,

I’d like to explain our challenge and ask for your feedback as to where to start.

We are in the medical equipment business. Medicare has imposed a massive change that will severely impact this industry as of July 1. Everything we see in the press touts “savings” to Medicare and the patient. What they do not say is that these savings come at the cost of care, research and development. They also shift the cost of many things to the patient.

Without getting into the details, please assume for the moment that their logic in arriving at this savings is very flawed and detrimental to the patient.

However, the only voice speaking is Medicare, and their message is “savings”. As a whole our industry’s response has been feeble at best, and always from a reactive position.

Also, we have had virtually no luck getting our message to resonate with a large enough audience to effect change. I would like to make younger, connected individuals aware of the problem. I would like to change the conversation from "savings, savings savings, to - Auctioning healthcare? Are you nuts?!"

I believe that if the county realized that their healthcare was being auctioned to the lowest bidder more people would pay attention.

I am a fan of the Troy library story and was hoping to model them...

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,



Here is my elevator pitch:

Medicare is now auctioning healthcare to the lowest bidder. Auctions have no place in healthcare, but it’s already the law. Would you want to see the lowest bidding doctor for your care?

If not, let’s talk.


Email Pitch:

Hello Elliot,

Your articles on the Medicare program are always on point, and I share them with my team regularly. I haven’t seen you write about how Medicare is now auctioning off healthcare to the lowest bidding providers.

This auction occurred even after 167 economists, and 7 Nobel prize nominees strenuously opposed it.
We believe auctions have no place in healthcare, and I think your readers may feel the same.

Is this something that your audience may find interesting?

Best regards,


Long . Stadium Pitch

On July 1 of this year a small obscure program will begin at Medicare that will forever change your healthcare. Even if you’re far from Medicare age, this program will impact you. You see, Medicare has chosen to auction some healthcare services off to the lowest bidder. Essentially Ebaying your care.
I doubt anyone wants to be seen by the lowest bidding doctor or hospital, but that’s where we’re heading if this program isn’t stopped.

Well, that’s where we’re heading. It’s starting on July 1 with home medical equipment. These are the devices that let people leave the hospital and receive their care from home. According to Medicare they are so pleased with the savings that they intend to quickly expand this program to other areas of healthcare.

You’ll find an explanation video, and a lot more information at

I think this is something your readers would be interested in. If you believe I have misjudged your audience, do you have a suggestion on who else at your publication I should speak with?

Truly yours,

Chris Rice


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