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The dwarven smithy!

 wanted to create an old DnD NPC from one of my more recent campaigns. He is a retired military dwarf, whose dedicated his retired years to being a smithy for a rebel human town. 

With these initial thumbnails i really wanted to push a militant, stoic "battle pose". I threw out one or two before getting these in, and I'm enough with some to move towards the refining stage!

These are the four I'll be refining, I really like the 1st and 4th, but I'm not sure what's going to be the most successful just yet! Gimme your thoughts!

I took them into refining and haaaaaaaaaaaaated where they went. 

So i stopped short, took a littlewhile to really think about it. 

I really really liked the first one for some dumb reason so I decided to take it into refine/ variation mode. I tried to really vary what each of these versions would act/perform like, but trying to keep with an over all theme. In pushing these I got more and more away from retired merc blacksmith, and it seems went into making this a vision of his glory days. 

Well, I did it everyone. I got it finished! I hope you like it, I'm so glad I could participate in this class!


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