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The dirty picture

For this project I chose a bollywood movie. 

To put the movie in perspective to you. Here is s simple storyline. 

Ïts about a girl who is poor and wants to become famous in the film industry. After so much struggle, she becomes a lead actor. She now has fame, all the money in the world and men lining up for her. It's her bad judgement and not knowing how to handle all at once lead her to her dark side: drugs, men and finally suicide. 

So First i came up with a list of nouns that say about the movie:

Nouns: film, dark side, cash, drug, woman, glamor,

Verbs: suicide, power, out of control, jealousy, greed

The Main emotion here is her thoughts racing against time. She doesn't have time to think, to self realise what's happening to her and before she knows it, everything ends. 

I came up with few ideas:


  1. The first one is a lady in a bathtub showing her legs, money in the air and a bottle of alcohol near her - This shows her growth and her richness which is more than she could handle. 
  2. The second one is a reel thats covered in blood. Shows the dark side of the film industry that was in 1960. This movie is from that period only
  3. Theatre mask thats crying. Its simple and its about the pain and struggle of an artist. 
  4. A star referring to the stardom. Near it are some things that come along with the stardom, that pull u to the dark side. 
  5. Is the girl on a red carpet with people wanting to take a picutr of her while she holds a gun to her head
  6. Her driving through a street flooded with people on both sides waiting to get a look at her and she is in her verge of losing her life. Shows both sides of the world. How much people are happy to see her and how much she is not happy with herself. 

I decided to go on with the 5th one. 

This shows how big a clebrity she has become. She is walking the red carpet. She is celebrated. But she is not happy with what she has achieved. it has taken her life as the prize. She is not stable. She is not thinking clearly. She has no time to think for herself. She is struggling. That is shown with a gun on to her head. She has lost it all though she owns everything now. 


I wanted to involve only minimal colors. Red and black are perfect for the dark side. I included flash lights to show her stardom. I have laid the red carpet in a diagonal position to add more drama. I also made the title to be a part of the red carpet.

Hope you like it. 


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