The desert life is beautiful

I had to pull over and snap a shot of this desert gorgeousness on my drive home this week. I am fortunate enough to get to make this drive several times a week, right next to the Saguaro National Forest in Tucson, AZ. The stunning views and landscape lure me in, especially on cloudy/overcast days where shadows play on the mountains and desert colors burst against grey or blue sky. Golden hour shows the desert colors best in this area for sure. I made minor edits to this shot with VSCO by slightly increasing exposure and sharpening the image.

Jealous of this cholla cactus, with desert sunrise views and horses grazing. Used Snapseed and VSCO for editing.

It can be cliche to photograph saguaro cactus in Arizona, but they are stunning hallmarks of the Sonoran desert. They can grow up to 40ft tall and live 100-200 years. I'm not sure how tall this one was, but it wwas monstrous!

It was rainy and cloudy on Christmas day so I went out and took advantage of the dramatic sky vs. desert views. There was this lone saguaro and the sun was spotlighting it through the clouds for the longest time. Beautiful.

After being cooped up in the house on new year's day, my family and I went for a late afternoon walk for fresh air. It actually snowed that day (In Tucson!!), but it had mostly melted by late afternoon. I love the color of this photo. Edited in snapseed and vsco - upped the warmth just a little bit. 


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