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The deck cleaner

Before I took this class I was already working on a character concept design for a University assignment, and guess what, it is a pirate :D
Since the project is not finished I'll take the opportunity to continue it here.

This character is a wannabe pirate, has no experience whatsoever, but he managed to get a job cleaning a pirate's ship deck. Which, for now, is good enough for him.

Day 1:
Here are my first sketches

The character has, instead of a parrot pet, a rat, so I think the chosen pose works better for the interaction with each other. The little fella is going to be placed on the top of his head

I struggled a little with his anatomy specially his left arm, cause of the foreshortening, and his left leg, which I still have to do some makeover. In the overall I'm pleased with the pose.

Day 2:

This time I made a clean lineart, and corrected some problems I was having with the hands and legs.

End of day 2:

Shadows and light study

Day 3:

Trying to work around with colors. I'm more of a vector enthusiastic, so I'm experiencing some difficulties in this stage of the illustration. I need to give more contrast between the shadows and lights.

I'll continue this piece in a couple of days. I have to take a break to continue the rest of the drawings for the project.

Day 4:

This is my final piece. I still need more practice with color and the placement of lights and shadows. The rat can be worked on a little more.
Overall, I enjoyed making this project, there were good tips during the video classes that helped me in the figure construction and painting process, but there is no doubt that I need more practice. It was also great to watch Denis' workflow :)


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