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The cronut: happy marriage of two bakery classics


- feeling that while a croissant is a decent enough sweet, it's a bit dry and bland after eating it by itself

- feeling the ever-dreaded double sword of sweet indulgence of a donut and horrible weight of unhealthiness/heaviness in the aftermath

-thinking there must be someway to negate the negative after effects of such wonderful treats

- realizing that the moist sweetness of a donut could be combined with the lightness of a croissant to make a fantastic guilt-free creation


- brainstorming and using my chef skills to think of the balance of flavors, textures, and shapes to consider

- trying out dozens of recipes and using my coworkers and friends/family network as guinea pigs


- deciding on a recipe that satisfies the craving for a croissant and a donut, that tested well in the ideation stage, and that is a profitable business idea

- creating and marketing a fantastic unique product


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