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The creative warrior

This course was very interesting, so I decided to make my bold style illustration, and started from this sketch:


I wanted to convey the inner strenght of us as artists or illustrators, that in someways we always fight for improvement and compete with ourselves (therefore the title) and also added some "mystical" elements to the illustration, with the four elements intertwined in the image (earth as rocks on the tiara, Water as ink droplets below the graphic tablet, air as clouds, and fire represented in the shape and color of the hair). The outfit is kinda over the top, at the time when making the sketch I had been looking at a David Bowie documentary about the beggining of his career with all his flashy costumes and I think that influenced me. xD I made my personal version of "using the transparent paper" by: sketching the pencil drawing by hand and then working out the extra details in the composition by modifying it digitally with a transparent round brush in several digital layers over other layers (ended up having about 9 layers with different ideas). Some things changed on the final outlines, for instance I simplified the cat's ear shapes and only left one because it was distracting. I tought of removing the cat, but I decided not to in the end.

When working on the outlines, somehow I missed to close every outline as it should have to make the divide trick to work, so I had to find a workaround. I tried lots of things, but the only steps that worked were to expand all the paths of the outlines and then group them together (besides of having the color box behind them) before selecting divide on the pathfinder.


Thus, here's the finished illustration. Thank you for this neat tutorial guys! :)



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