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Nathanael Batchelor

Traditional and Digital Artist



The constant motion I call learning

Sketching the body with shapes Part 1:

I went simple with this stage. I don't always do full on sketching of the bodies beforehand because I HATE clean-up and end up going head on into one of my full pictures.

Part 2: Drawing Dynamic Action Poses

Stayed slightly simple with the first picture, the others become less and less simple

This one started simple

Then I thought, well that's cool but bland, why not exaggerate more? So I did this

Another sketch for part 2 but a little more fleshed out, the arm in the back is too big though

This was done by using reference of a pole dancer/pole dance exercise

So that's it for Part 2 of Lesson 1.

On to lesson 2!

Drawing convincing facial expressions:

Started off simple again

Then I went and did probably my favorite set

The J. Jonah Jameson just kinda sprang to life out of the angry face I did.

Okay! Now onto Lesson 3: Character in a scene:

This one will probably become a finished picture once I figure out the placement of the legs @[email protected]

Ending with a GROUP SHOT!!! Iron Man's sketch form is suffering from "I don't know where to put my friggen arms" syndrome *le sigh*

Welp that's it for now! See ya when I get that final piece sketched, defined, and shaded!!!


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