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Using clothes as a vehicle to change the world



The concept behind our "STILL" tee // Still Life Co.


Hey Class,

We produce this shirt using the Silkscreening process and had a Pantone color matched to make the concept come full circle.

The shirt type is a "Type Logo" on a Black 100% Ring-Spun Cotton tee.

There are 2 print locations.

  1. - Front Center Chest
  2. - Size Label (size label is a digital mock up, We couldn't get it printed in time to meet this deadline)

Who We Are

Still Life Co. is a brand that curates Monthly Partnerships w/ local & global organizations to allow you to help provide education, support & a second chance to those in need

All of our garments have a streetwear vibe to them but the concepts/partnerships behind them is what drives us to keep producing them.

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Our Mission

To use business as a vehicle to provide support, education,
and a second chance to those in need.

Everyone Has A Story.

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We partnered up with a non-profit organization 'interBLOK" and what they do is upcycle shipping containers to provide infustructure and care for orphanages internationally. Basically, they use abandoned shipping containers and repurpose them as orphanges and playgrounds all around the world.

You might be thinking, "why do they use shipping containers?" Most of the goods that get imported into our country get shipped here in containers. These containers don't return to their country of origin because it's cheaper for the importers to create new ones than to get the same containers shipped back to them.

The containers themselvs are still in great condition and they start to pill up without use. We really wanted to bring awareness to what "interBLOK" is doing and we believe we can get a lot of peole involved with our partnership.

In order to really incorporate the shipping container concept into a t-shirt we looked at the lifecycle of a container and the symbols on it. One of the main things is that these containers are always on sea in constant motion.

Motion was one of the concepts we used. Our name Still Life Co. has "STILL" and this is a state that the seas are almost never in. They have some type of motion (waves) going through them. We then incorporated movement, motion, waves into the word STILL.

When you see the shirt below even if you have no idea of the back story behind it you can see some humor and word play going on which we feel a lot of streetwear is. To really bring the concept full circle we printed the "type logo" in the company's (interBLOK's) official color. In order to execute on this we need to get a Pantone color matched which is the mint color you see printed.



- Close Up of FRONT HIT -




*We decided to include this little extra detail that only the customer will see. It's explains our partnership, how the shirt was created, includes a small diagram of the shipping container upcycle process and a QR code that the customer can scan to track the builing process. Then ultimately see the final product that they helped create through small video clips and images on our website.

This will remind customers of the impact they made by simply purchasing a t-shirt that they love because of the word play and to top it off their purchase helped build out an orphanage for those in need.

Another goal we have at the completion of this partnership is to choose randomoly one or two customers to come out to the site where these orphanages were bult so they can see the structure in person. Think of if as a golden ticket that we give our customers to allow them see the change around the world.

Hope you guys enjoyed learning about our brand and the concept behind this class project's t-shirt.

Be Great,

Still Life Co. Team

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