The challenge of daily sketches!

The challenge of daily sketches! - student project


Elisa, your classes are really amazing! Love every second!

My challenge here is to find time and have the discipline to sketch daily. I won't mention that watercolor is a whole new universe for me. Trying to practice all the time :)

I am starting to write backwards thanks to Jeno Riveras tip, THANKS!

Day 23 - Spiral:

This is a foliage I saw in a park and photographed in 2013. It's amazing how nature always present new shapes, forms and colors. 

I did sketch it right away but took a long time for me to paint it.

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 1 - student project

LAST DAY - Conclusion: Me, finally enjoying the process, thank you Elisa ;#)

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 2 - student project

Day 30: What inspires you

I think that it is quite obvious based on the fact that nature is a frequent theme for me.

I´ve been at the beach from February 25th to March 1st, celebrating our Carnival. There is a small island in front of the hotel. In the moment I saw it, I started to think how to sketch it, to capture its spirit... you know what I mean.

After all, in this last day, I was able to follow and enjoy the full process. It was a full trip into sketching.

I know it´s a tiny step into a greeeaaat universe..  :D

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 3 - student project

Day 28: ELETRONIC GADGET - O_o missed... 

Day 27: INTERIOR - O_o missed... 

Day 26: PATH - O_o missed... 

Day 25: PILE - O_o missed... 

Day 24: NIGHT SCENE - O_o missed... 

Day 23: SPIRAL - O_o missed... 

Day 22: CLEANING TOOL - O_o missed... 

Day 21: SMOOTH - O_o missed... 

Day 20: Fragile

My ipad fell and its screen cracked... It still works, but its cracks always took my attention... It was hard to reproduce, but I think it looks like cracked screen...

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 4 - student project

Day 19 - Light and Shadow:

I spent all day searching, then, in my way back home I saw this very small tree, being illuminated by the last flash of the sun that came between the buildings.. I felt like something special was waiting to be seen there, hope I could capture that... 

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 5 - student project

Day 18: Wide (working on it)

Day 17: Seldom Used

I am a magic the gathering player and collector since 1995. I built up a collection of the cards I like most to use in a box I call The Cube. It has the value of a car in cards, and I projected the box itself to hold the collection. I seldom use it, afraid to lose or damage the cards... But I always think about taking them, building decks and playing... :D :D :D

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 6 - student project

Day 16: Unclean (working on it)

Day 15: Tangled (working on it)

Day 14: Cringe (working on it)

Day 13: Overused

Yep, it was a very productive weekend :D

I saw this old man pushing food cart over the sand, selling some goodies. The cart was very overused, how many sunny days it has watched with his old friend.

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 7 - student project

Day 12: Tall

I spotted this building on the top of a mountain, it seemed so tall to me. Even though it was veeery far away, it looked awesome. Seems a nice and cool place. Later on I found that it is a monastery with a church on the side.

Who knows I can see it closer some day and sketch it more accurately!

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 8 - student project

Day 10: Organic Shapes 

Walking in a Shopping I saw a Unicef marketing environment with a luminous tree, so interesting, tried to capture its organic essence...

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 9 - student project

Day 10: Person in the same place as you - o_O Missed this one...

Day 9: Never seen before

For a thing I've never seen I chose an origami my mother made, she likes to create new models, and there are a lot of unseen pieces there.. I like doing origami too, but her creations are always new for me!

I also tried out the some techiniques... the result impressed me! And the process were very enjoyable.

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 10 - student project

Day 9: People Around

Saw this girl on a store, waiting for customers, and the time to leave I think.. I was driving my car back home and stopped at a traffic light.

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 11 - student project

Then, another day, on a restaurant, this man serving himself caught my attention.. Took forever to choose his food.. Still wandering why

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 12 - student project

Day 8: Comic - I confess, I am a geek, love comics since forever. I found those Marvel characters water bottles on a store near work, but they are everywhere now.

I am finally learning to enjoy the process! Elisa, your classes really helped me to break a chain that kept me stuck for sooo long. Always chasing the perfect line and worried about the results, not anymore! Thank you!

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 13 - student project

Day 7: Rest I know she looks dead, but she is resting lol :D

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 14 - student project

Day 6: Spices 

The spices I use most are pepper and cinnamon... But there is a special and more exotic one, CARDAMOM. It goes well with a lot of things, but I take coffee with it, espresso with cardamom. It can be so small and so detailed, I was afraid to try drawing it, but, challenge accepted ;)

The coin drawn is to give an idea of the scale!

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 15 - student project

Day 5: People waiting

Going back to the office after lunch, I bumped with a lot of people, waiting for their appointment, girlfriend, end of lunch time, a light of hope... I just sit and started sketching. Colored at home.. still taking a beat from watercolor! Keeping practicing.

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 16 - student project

Day 4: Edible: (working on it)

My new watercolor O_o, an 18 color portable case from sakura arrived this friday! So excited with the new gear! \o/

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 17 - student project

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 18 - student project

Day 3 - Playful:

Toys, love them! Always did. I have this "CubeBot" which is so colorful and curious. My nephews love to play with it, and I think its the most playful thing around me now. So, lets bring it to life!

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 19 - student project

Day 2 - Temporary: Temporary, as this trees flowers. In some weeks there will be only the trunk and the branches... That bird´s presence, temporary too. Life won´t wait, Time won´t wait...

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 20 - student project

Day 1 - Colorful:

When I first read the theme for the first day this flower popped instantaneously to my mind! You can see for yourself in my instagram account!

It was drawn by memory, but I did contemplate them a lot, since it covers the lakes in a park around here I visit very often.

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 21 - student project

Last of all, sorry if I make some mistakes when writing, English is not my native language and I have few minutes to update my projects, so, I just write it at once. Google catches misspelled words, but, that's not enough... 

CAUTION: This is my bed after taking this class :D :D :D

The challenge of daily sketches! - image 22 - student project

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