The cat

The cat - student project

I have a cat called Checkers, and she is a constant source of happiness. I found some pictures of her in interesting positions - I particularly like the stretch and the one looking up to my hand.

Here's my collage of inspiration photos:

The cat - image 1 - student project

Blind sketches:

The cat - image 2 - student project

Eyes and noses:

The cat - image 3 - student project


The cat - image 4 - student project


The cat - image 5 - student project

I actually went off on a tangent at this point and created some digital art from one of these pictures, which led me to start creating a series of them called "Miss Kitty". (You can see the collection on RedBubble if you're interested).

The cat - image 6 - student project

In the end I had to create something for this class so here is my final piece: "The Cheating Cheetah".

The cat - image 7 - student project