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The cat with the pipe

I chose this lovely retro book cover for a Polish book titled "The Cat with a Pipe", illustrated by Ewa Salamon. 

After doing a crash course in Illustrator last year I really haven't used it so I wanted to go back through all the fiddly basics like handling the pen tool, etc. Most of the shapes were pretty straightforward, but I the textures in the original (they look like a collage) were the main challenge. In the end I played around with some differnt art brushes to create a similar effect for my pipe. I used clipping masks for the smoke, the grey blob and the blue eyeball. One last note: I have no idea why the background colour (just a rectangle filled with the same beige colour) ended up with some weird smuged bits around the edges. I can trim them in Photoshop, but I thought I'd leave it in to see if anyone has had a similar problem.




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