The breeze still hugs me

From here you can see the sweet lullaby of the sea and hear the slow dance of its waves. But then I turned my head and its eyes to other balconies, hoping to see something I shouldn’t and since I shouldn’t I didn’t and I returned my head and its eyes to those mountains and those boats out there over the horizon. And the breeze came and held me tight and the sun was already there and stood proud knowing it would never leave or if it did it would leave after I did so I, or none of us for that matter, would ever know the difference, not even the lady making a fuss chasing after her kids, even though their kids were running and screaming and having fun perfectly fine with and without the yells of anyone. Then a bittersweet sadness came and took me by the hand, reminding me that I could not stay there in that balcony for as long as I wanted, that I had to go and take a shower, put on my big boy pants with my button up shirt and have breakfast with my old parents, so that we can make the drive out for me to receive some prize I didn’t really care about, and that I haven’t thought about since, and that has been gathering a lovely coat of dust on top of my dresser at home.