The best way out is always through

I picked a more complex font for the tense part of this quote -- to be honest i really wanted to use this portal typeface from behance 

https://www.behance.net/gallery/PORTAL-Free-Typeface/266573 but the striped version keeps showing up in black blocks in illustrator.  The idea was to lead the clean neon sign style script out of the mess of stripes :).  

I found a different tangled look, but both scripts are a bit pixelated when i enlarge them in illustrator.  I've converted them to shapes, but am a bit lost on how to create clean vectors of them from there, any tips on how to clean them up?  

I liked the sky blue black ground because it's a generally uplifting color but then i thought why not go for a traffic light theme? My first attempt included an orange which yielded for a sort of rastafarian look, so I took that out.  I think I might work a bit more with the spacing and centering of the piece so the green isn't so thick towards the end.  Or perhaps I should just stick with the blue?

Really enjoying this class!

Didn't love the first project so i tried my hand at a different one...found a great font website and quote inspiration page that i'll put in a discussion as well -- 



different color palette--


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