The begining of another Cruel Summer for Kanye West

The begining of another Cruel Summer for Kanye West - student project

I saw a video today of Kanye West hitting his head on a street sign  as he was walking into a restaurant with his baby mama Kim Kardashian. Seeing West, who is arguably one of the coolest people in the world, hit his head so hard that he was stunned was funny to me. I have to admit I do have a sick sense of humor. Seeing people experience small amounts of tolerable pain in annoying and inconvienent circumstances makes me laugh. The german have a word for this "Schadenfreude" or  pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.

In the fifteen seconds it took for me to stop laughing I thought about the plight of Mr. West who despite all of the personal criciticsm is one of the generations greatest musicians and tastemakers. He is just a guy trying to take his baby's mother to lunch after an afternoon of house shopping, an admirable deed. The difference is he is constantly stalked by papparazzi who have made an industry out of hawking pictures of him and his wife to tabloids and online gossip sites. I got to thinking maybe it was hard to see the sign amidst the flashing cameras and screaming photogs. Maybe if the papparazzi weren't taking pictures of him he would have walked uneventfully into the restaurant and avoided a serious blow to the noggin, not to mention the inevitable ego bruise that followed.

Now, I'm not comparing the severity his cranial clanking to the more serious papparazzi induce tragedies of Princess Diana or the unfortunate event at the four seasons in L.A a few months ago, but I will say that minus the involvement of an automobile this was pretty bad.

Undoubtedly, Mr. West will be criticized for his ensuing meltdown and physical acosting of the camera man who showed up late to the party but I am asking that we as viewers who delight in Schadenfreude give Mr. West a pass on this one. If not for his pregnant wifes sake then for all those at the mercy of the papparazzi who didn't get to walk off with just the possibility of a mild concussion.

-- Better Deal Bill