The beast

The beast - student project

 The beast - image 1 - student project    

The truth is I've always been fascinated with the concept of the gentle giant and things arent always what they seem to be.  while I tried to stay with a large round shape to suggest a friendly not so aggresive feel I am also trying to make the viewer unsure by hiding the beasts face.  PErhaps making the viewer think that he may be friendly but he is still an monstrous thing.  I wanted the focus to be on the creature on his side of the bridge and less on the dark forboding side where there is some guy there coming to try and kill him.  Using the idea of same contrast mass found in the slide presentation I tried to make it more about the internal conflict and less about the external even going as far as shrouding that side of the bridge in a haze.  Anyway thats my explaination to this rather quick sketchy piece.  comment if you feel up to it.


well I was messing around and did a super quick sketch before going to bed. I changed up a few things.  not sure if the initial creature design was doing it for me.  looked too much like Ludo from labyrinth.  so I changed it to be a little more humanoid instead of dog like.  I also changed some of the perspective.  Its late and I wasnt able to add a lot of the tonal dynamics that I would like so this is definitely a WIP.  i just thought I'd post it before calling it a night.  I'll fill in some of the gaps and add the rest of my story elements in tomorrow when I get a chance.  till then this is gonna hafta do.

The beast - image 2 - student project