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The battle sword

Hey guys

I started this project mainly to practice more with illustrator and to learn a little bit more about lighting. I would never ever think to draw and design weaponry but I really got into this project after only sketching out a few designs. 

This project brought me back to those days playing final fantasy to 3am. It was a nice trip down memory lane so I drew some of my influences from that as well as medieval themed swords. 



I really liked the look of hilt taken from one of the sword designs of one of the final fantasy games. The blade also inspired me to think outside the box and toy with other materials instead of a typical metal for the blade. 

I had a looooot of ideas for this piece. But the main idea was to design a weapon where you could attach any sharp thing to become the blade of the sword to it. 


This is the one I decided on. Since the husband approved of course. 


This is what I've done so far in terms of using Illustrator for a couple of hours. I think the design is still looking super flat. I'm not sure if the shapes aren't proportioned well. Something seems a little off about it. 


After sometime drawing, I feel like my design was a little ambitious as a newb at illustrator. I changed a few of the design features to the blade and hilt. 


I just realised now that I forgot to do the shading on the smaller handles...


This isn't the finished product but I'd just thought I'd post up my progress so far. Getting the lighting and the colours right is the trickiest part of the whole project. But with more practice I'll get there. 


SO I made some major changes to the blade and other parts after receiving some feedback on my last piece. 

**Note: Thank you so much to this group for your feedback. I think this class community is awesome as everyone is so responsive and helpful. Thank you!!!

Now! For the next part it's time to start on the glowy bits. (**it's like 4:30am right now and I can't stop working on this project. Kinda getting a little disorientated haha). 

The Final

I thoroughly enjoyed this project. Although there are about a million mistakes I could point out in it, if you would ever wish to look closely. I'm pretty stunned and proud of what I was able to achieve. 

Now that I've gone through the whole process I know what areas I can improve upon for the next time. I realised during this process, that if you screw up on step 1, it can really effect and create problems for you in step 4, 5 and so on. So it's really important to get the shapes and layers right from the beginning. 

Here is the final image. I'm open to any feedback too! Thank you all!



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