The basics


I am happy with the decision of trying out the two trial months available with this particular course.

Unfortunately materials are very limited so ended up practising on A4 printer paper since that's the most affordable option for now.

Here is just an example of many pages with overlapping shapes. I really enjoyed the project experimenting with random shapes. Unfortunately the page ends up messy with overlapping drawings but that's the compromise of such a small page size.

The basics - image 1 - student project

Drawing birds was great practice! The five questions before laying any kind of parks on paper were something very new to me. Positioning the birds on the page was tricky. Tried to stay in the basic shape range and just dabble into some details.

The basics - image 2 - student project

The basics - image 3 - student project

Thank you Brent for this amazing course! Planning to go through hopefully most of these all the way to the basics of figure drawing. Very much intimidated by drawing human figures.