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Modupeoluwa Soetan

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The band to be in 2 places at the same tine

Having gone through the steps for creativity, these are the options i came up with

1. we would go with the festival that most resembles our purpose as the band and recommend a band for the other gig

2. we would work with two other bands and use their gears. we would split our team so that we have a presence in the 2 gigs but we would work with two other bands. something like co-opting in business. the band would be local bands that have good gears but we would play our tunes and maybe one or two of theirs. we would have agreements that would detail payments and copyrigh protection

3. we would start musical contest among the would be fans that would come to the festival and would include the good ones in our band for the day of the festival. this would also entail us spliting the band in two; but this would increase the buy-in from the fans at both festivals and some of the people in the community would be involved with us

4. we could pre-record the tunes for both gigs and not need the gear. we could then attend both depending on the timing and the agreement with the organizers


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