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The artist, the storyteller, and the student

I am an artist, storyteller, and a student

I am an artist first. From the moment I was born God gave me a talent that would shape the way I perceive the world. My life has been dedicated to art, or my sense of art. Everything from the most obvious, drawings, paintings, etc., to materialistic things like my clothes, and lastly to the more abstract things like my stories. 

I am a storyteller second, a visual storyteller. I love to show people who I am through the numerous stories I have acquired through the years. But for me, one does not simply tell a story from beginning to end. It has to be paced in the right way and the ending always has to be a good wrap up, or a punchline if you can, that leaves the audience in the exact emotional state that you had intended in the first place. And I for one love to hear stories as much as I love to tell them. I love meeting new people and just relive their lives through their stories. You can say I'm a collector of stories. After all I am an animator, which is my true profession, storytelling is truly my career.

I am always a student. The continuation to perfect my craft, to learn more about the world, and to hear everyone's story is a never ending battle that will folllow me to my deathbed. There's always something new to learn. I will never feel content with what I only know now. 


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