The art of making time

I loved this class so much. Although I have not followed the class directions exactly I found that it made a huge impact on my thinking about making time for art in my life. I am the mom of a 1 yr old and before I took this class I always felt like art needed to take a backseat to basically everything else in my life. This class reminded me that thinking like that was also denying part of who I am.

I already had a place to make art, and the tools I needed. I just needed to make time for it. 

I recently rediscovered watercolors, and I've used this class as motivation to play with that medium everyday. I haven't followed the class directions exactly it is 100% the reason I have been making time.

day 1 - grabbed random brush and picked 2 watercolors at random


day 2 - made a huge jar of prompts, and I loved the idea in the pottery story - that making more art increases your ability.


day 3 - I decided instead of choosing a specific amount of time that I would work on it during my daughter's nap (times for her nap can vary from 30 mins to an hour and a half) I drew girl out of my jar and got about 40 mins to work on it. I would have liked a little longer but I said I would only work on it while she slept and when she woke I had to be done.


day 4 - I didn't end up making the fortune teller because the truth is I have a space for my art and I need to be using it. It felt nice to make something in the space i set up for it. Its well lit and I find it to be a very calming place to work.


day 5 - I picked 30 days, but i plan to do as many days as possible. Show up - show up - show up!


I'll say again how wonderful i found this class. Thank you for the push to make time.

Continued sketching -





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