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The architecture and fashion of gum

I happened to have a little time in my work day and needed a creative break.  I work daily as a project manager, and while this job requires strategic and high-level thinking, there is not a chance for me to create on a regular basis.  I get to assign and review other talented creative people, but don't often get a chance to be creative myself.  But when I started this creative project, I was already on my computer, so I started typing a sort of stream of conciousness about the word gum.  The ideas flowed from the most common images of gum; bubbles, pink sticky goo, to more abstract ideas about gum flavors and textures, to some really bizarre ideas about using gum of different brands and shapes to build igloos and cityscapes.  I'd love to buy pins and pieces of gum and put them together into little architectural buildings and take photos. There are so many gum shapes that could make a dazzling structure: long flat gum, hard shiny rectangles, flatter, longer rectangles, big squishy cubes, round gumballs, tiny chiclets, that weird sherdded BIg Chew,,, However, being stuck in my house and glued to Skype in case people need me, I won't be making that, which honestly is really sad.

In my mind however, I have created a gum themed fashion shoot 

Yellow: Juicy fruit

Purple: Grape Bubble Yum

well, I'm building the outfits in my mind, and am about to put on the Juicy fruit :)

As a side note, looking at all the types of gum really brought me back to childhood.  I don't chew gum as an adult, certainly none of that fruity, artifical, incredibly fun gum that felt like pure magic and desire as a child.  I love the glinty wrapping, and the promise of not only a flavor - but an experience.  A way to take us out of our heads and focus on a distinctly pleasurable animal-like experince of chewing and slowly masticating something in our mouths.  I think there's also a poem here, or a short story. :)


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